mission & core values

BioHorizons mission

Improving the quality of life for patients with missing teeth by providing clinicians with innovative and evidence-based dental implants and tissue regeneration products. Our core values are, Respect for the individual, Service to our Customers, Efficiency and Profitability, Pursuit of Excellence and Integrity.

BioHorizons core values

There are core values on which we at BioHorizons pride ourselves. These values are the driving forces of our business and the standards that we live up to in all facets of our culture.

We hold respect for the individual as a cornerstone of our culture. We are committed to treating each employee with dignity and we value each opinion. This makes communication a two-way street and ensures that we attract a special kind of person who is willing to grow, contribute and live our values.

We believe that providing service to our customers is central to our success. We aim to respond to the expectations of all of our customers by aligning our business appropriately and fairly. Ultimately, our goal is to exceed those expectations by upholding strong relationships, executing in a timely manner and using our independent professional judgment to advance the objectives of our customers consistent with the highest standards of our industry.

Efficiency and profitability are other driving factors for our company. Responsibility to our investors to spend our resources wisely is critical to our business. These resources are not limited to money, but also time, skills and knowledge of our staff.

The pursuit of excellence is both an internal and external value motivating our Company. We strive for the highest standards in order to achieve exceptional results. For our team, goals are set, measured and rewarded on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, however, superior results are expected for our investors to whom we are committed to achieving attractive returns on a consistent basis.

The integrity of any company is only as strong as the integrity of the individuals within the company. Embracing sound moral principles, uprightness and honesty, we not only ensure strict compliance with policies, laws and regulations, but we commit to always "do the right thing." It is our goal to maintain and enhance our reputation as well as the respect we earn by acting ethically at all times.